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Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride and Groom Getting Covered In Confetti After Their Wedding Ceremony

Hannah and Nathan were married in a small family and friends civil wedding ceremony in the gardens of the Pheasantry Brewery, located on the outskirts of Newark in Nottingham.




Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride having her hair done on the morning of her wedding

The day started for me in room 9 of the Kings Park Hotel in Retford where Hannah and co. were having their hair and makeup done.

The morning was a busy one with the door to the room constantly being opened and someone else popping in to say hello.

Hannah and the family pretty much had the whole floor to themselves as the hotel would be the base for getting ready and also a place to crash after the long wedding day.

After a few more friends had arrived to have their make up done by Thea and hair done by Hannah May, it was time for everyone to leave the room and for Hannah to get into the wedding dress.

As me and Hannah’s youngest stood outside the room, Hannah and her Mum started the process of getting the loops and buttons done up in the right order – something which is never easy!



Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Outdoor wedding ceremony layout at the venue

This was my first visit to the Pheasantry Brewery and hopefully not my last, it’s a great place to have a wedding with Danielle and her team always on hand to help if needs be.

Hannah and Nathan had the wedding ceremony outside in the main garden of the venue, surrounded by the lovely trees and vistas stretching for miles – I can see why the guys wanted to say “I do’ in an outdoor ceremony at the Pheasantry Brewery.

With everyone in their place, it was time for the girls to start the walk across the grass and to find their seats.



Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride and her Dad enjoy a loving look whilst walking down the aisle at the outdoor wedding at the Pheasantry Brewery

Hannah and her Dad were the last ones to make their way to the pagoda – the walk for the Dad is always a special one and this picture captures a special look between Hannah and her Dad.




Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride and groom exchange their wedding during their outdoor wedding ceremony at the Pheasantry Brewery

The outdoor ceremony at the Pheasantry Brewery was done in their newly extended Pagoda – this is the legal area where the vows must take place.

With COVID restrictions, despite the pagoda being outside, all those under the pagoda had to wear a face mask except for Hannah and Nathan, the Bride and Groom.

Another quirk of COVID restrictions surrounds the vows and what can be said during a wedding ceremony. Only the legally binding vows are allowed to be said with no personal vows allowed.

With Hannah and Nathan exchanging their wedding rings and vows; I kept my eye on Hannah’s mum who was emotional throughout the ceremony

Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Mother of the bride getting emotional whilst her daughter is getting married



Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride and Groom first kiss during their outdoor wedding ceremony

Such a traditional moment to capture at a wedding, sometimes it’s a little peck and sometimes it goes on and on – for Hannah and Nathan it was somewhere in between!



Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Ricky Locke Magic entertaining the wedding guests with card and magic tricks

When I get asked by couples for advice on things that will make their day more fun and more memorable for their guests – I always say that if you have long gaps between certain parts of the day, say the ceremony and the wedding breakfast; you need things for people to do.

Garden games are always a winner, great for summer weddings, but not so great for a December winter wedding.

One of the best things you have can have for people to have fun with is a magician and no one is better than Ricky.

I was super happy when Hannah said that she had booked Ricky for some fun and games – I just knew he would be a great hit with all the wedding guests.



Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride and Bridesmaids formal picture on the grass outside the wedding venue

Hannah and Nathan wanted a few family formals on the day, and as with all my couples, they wanted to get them done quickly so they could get back to seeing their family and friends.

Six Group shots are what I recommend to my couples, but, only if they are wanting family formals on their wedding day.

To see and read more on how I do my family formals, please head over to this blog post – STRESS-FREE WEDDING FORMALS 



Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Father of the bride giving his wedding speech at the Pheasantry Brewery

This was the first wedding of the year for me where we had speeches, up-to this point in 2021 we were only allowed to have the wedding ceremony, no wedding breakfast and speeches allowed.

For many of the guests, it was their first time being around family members again since the start of the pandemic and this came across in the emotional speeches from Nathan, Hannah’s Dad and the Best Man.




Pheasantry Brewery Wedding Photography + Bride and Groom dance during their first dance with the sunsetting at the Pheasantry Brewery

With the pandemic restriction still not allowing an indoor first dance and disco, Hannah and Nathan took the opportunity to have their first dance in the gardens of the Pheasantry Brewery and my word was it a stunning backdrop for their first dance.

I’d love more couples to have their first dance outside, in a garden, the setting sun with the beautiful light – stunning.




Andy was just incredible from start to finish on our wedding day, his attention to detail is amazing! A truly genuine, lovely guy who instantly made us feel completely at ease! We were overwhelmed with emotion when seeing the photographs, he captured photos of our families and friends that we will cherish forever. Thank you for being so awesome Andy, we are so grateful for your talent!HANNAH & NATHAN