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In this video, I talk about having an unplugged wedding, how to go about having an unplugged wedding and which part of a wedding day works best for being unplugged.

The Happy Couple

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong here, it’s totally down to you; I have seen plenty of weddings where mobile’s, IPads and phones have been used during a wedding ceremony and it’s been fine.

However, I have seen people watch the whole wedding ceremony through their phone, I have seen and heard other photographers clicking away with their loud cameras, and I have seen people step out in front of the Bride and her Father as they are walking down the aisle.

Do you want a sea of mobiles pointing at you as you walk down the aisle or do you want to see happy smiling faces?Andy

Family, Friends and Guests

unplugged weddings with no mobiles no camera and no ipads.
A mobile, a guy looking at his camera and someone taking a picture of the back of heads…

Don’t worry about getting an image for your Instagran / Snapchap or whatever they are called.

Be a guest, relax and enjoy the wedding, be present and experience the love of two people and if you must get a shot do so with the knowledge that you might ruin a perfect moment.

If you feel the need to film the ceremony on your phone do so only after you have checked that it is ok with the happy couple and try and not be in the eye-line of the photographer, so you do not get in the back of important shots.

Also, if you do take a picture, don’t instantly upload the picture to socials, some couples want to see the evening guests without them having already seen the dress!

For Me

Whether you choose to have an unplugged wedding or not, I will still be working my butt off to get the images that tell the story of your day, every tear, every joyous hug and every different type of mobile…