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In this wedding photography video, I take a look back at a wedding photo from my very first wedding back in 2014. I talk about the importance of the image in me finding ‘me’ as a Nottingham wedding photographer and the parts of the wedding photo which draws me in.

Since my first wedding, I have always stood by these commitments:

-> All my work is done discreetly, unobtrusive, no stress, no bossing, and certainly no climbing up ladders to form a love heart group shot!

-> A documentary wedding photographer should be about telling a story, the story of your wedding, the story of the people at your wedding, the joy, the tears and every hug.

-> I work completely around you, I don’t ask you to change timings, I want to capture your wedding as you planned it.

-> All the wedding photography photos you see on this site – every single one is honest, no photoshopping sky’s, no adding in dinosaurs running after you, no-one slimmed, all the wedding images are 100% true to the day and my couples.

I hope you like this video, I hope you can see why this was such an important picture for me and why it continues to be the basis of my wedding photography.

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Andy x

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