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bride and groom looking lovingly at each other during their wedding ceremony at the St Peters Church in Bromyard Herefordshire.



Danielle and Daniel were married in a Church wedding ceremony during the COVID pandemic in July 2020 at the lovely St Peters Church in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

Like so many couples who had been planning to get married in 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 had a massive impact on the plans, the timings and the guests allowed at their wedding, the restrictions at the time of the wedding were for no more than 30 people to be allowed inside the Church for the wedding ceremony, the guests had to be 2 meters apart at all times, and no reception/wedding food was allowed unless it was kept to household bubbles – now that the rules of the day have been shared, let’s talk about the wedding stop motion film and the wedding ceremony in Bromyard.


The Stop Motion Wedding Photofilm above combines every photo I took at the wedding of Danielle and Daniel; around 4800 wedding images all edited with my own black and white preset – no other adjustments were made, the idea of tweaking 4800 images is something that brings me out in a cold sweat!

I decided to include every frame I took to show people what it is I am seeing, what it is that I am trying to capture and to show people what worked and what didn’t work – you might even spot a random picture of the Church floor which I took by accident..

The process of making a stop motion film is relatively straight forward; it starts by making sure that you are taking enough pictures during each burst to make the footage have some fluidness to it. If you try and combine images which are taken too far apart even by a few seconds, you will end up with very stuttery footage which will be better of being combined into a slow-moving slideshow. Using the Sony A9ii’s I was keeping my burst rate between 5FPS and 10FPS with the higher FPS used for the parts of the wedding where there was more motion, e.g., the Bride Walking Down the Aisle and the lower FPS for times when people were still and not much movement, like the bulk of the actual wedding ceremony service.

The time-consuming part of making the Wedding Stop Motion Film is the process of export out of Adobe Lightroom, which took nearly 5 hours, and I have never heard the fans on my laptop work so hard!

Once the images were in Final Cut Pro X, and with the right music selected, and the images in the right order – a quick export and upload to Youtube and the Stop Motion Film is done!

If you can spare 5 minutes I hope you enjoy the Wedding Stop Motion Film; I think it gives a unique perspective to the wedding and this type of wedding photofilm is not something you see that often.

Right – let’s move on to the wedding and a few of my favourite images!


With the COVID restrictions in place for the wedding, there was no Bridal prep coverage, so my day started with what I call the pre-ceremony – the Groom and wedding guest arriving at the Church, but, it wasn’t long after Daniel had arrived that I had to rush outside  – the Bride was here!

I love these three wedding images, the Bridesmaids arriving, the Bride getting out of the car and Daniel looking nervous/excited/anxious – feel free to let me know what you think Daniel is feeling at the moment I took this shot!

Hereford Church Wedding Photography - Groom looking very nervous before his wedding at a Hereford church wedding



Every time I get booked to photograph a Church wedding, I get nervous about what sort of restrictions are going to be placed on me. Some Churches have a certain slab which I have to stand on and not move during the service; some Churches will not allow ANY photography inside the Church. Still, thankfully there are a few Churches that realise a couple needs to have their wedding documented in a way which respects the Church, the couple and also the need to get images needed to tell their story – and at St Peters Church in Bromyard, I had the freedom to move where I wanted and to capture what I saw and how I saw it – amazing!

As you have seen from Daniel in the images above, he was nervous; he is what I call a fidgeter – couldn’t keep still, kept stretching, rubbing his hands together and walking around to try and calm himself down and once Danielle had walked down the Aisle he was calm and settled!

Emotional groom and bride exchange rings at their church wedding in Herefordshire


I mentioned previously about access for photographers within Churches, and the restrictions we have placed on us, the signing of the register is one part of a wedding ceremony which is restricted in Churches or for Civil Weddings. I’m not a fan of the posed picture where the Bride and Groom hold a pen with no ink in it and pretend to sign the register, I much prefer getting pictures of the couple actually signing the register – not taking a picture of the actual register which contains all their private details, but them just signing and being in the moment of signing as a new married couple.

St Peters Church in Bromyard allowed me to follow and get images of Daniel and Danielle signing the register, this sort of image works so much better when you give it space – yes I could have got really close to Danielle as she was signing. Still, by standing back, by giving Danielle and Daniel space, it allowed them to chat away whilst each was signing the register. It makes for a far more documentary photograph of both of them and with the Priest in the shot as well it just works and is one of my favourite signing the wedding register photographs.

bride and groom sign the wedding register with the Vicar watching over


It’s the look that makes this picture for me as Danielle and Daniel start their walk down the aisle after signing the wedding register, there are other images in this sequence, but that look the newlywed – makes it a winner for me!

bride and groom walking down the aisle after getting married in a church wedding in Bromyard Herefordshire


Just before the newly married couple headed off in the wedding car for a small socially distanced picnic in Danielle’s parents garden; it was time to cut the wedding cake and in a first for me they cut the cake in the grounds of the Church.

Cutting the cake is a wedding tradition, and Danielle and Daniel wanted to have as traditional a wedding as they could given the restriction’s that we had in place due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Like a lot of couples getting married in 2020, the wedding wasn’t what was originally planned. For some couples that has meant postponing their wedding into 2021, for Danielle and Daniel, the important thing for them was to get married, to be able to say they are husband and wife and to start their new life chapter as soon as possible.

The guys wanted to have their wedding ceremony this year – 2020 and then plan to have a large party in 2021 when we are allowed to have gatherings again, and I cannot wait to capture round two of the wedding and celebration of Danielle and Daniel.



Groom and Wedding guests arrive for the wedding at St Peters Church in Bromyard Herefordshire
Bride and her Bridesmaids arrive for the wedding at St Peters Church in Bromyard Herefordshire
Bride get out the wedding car for her wedding at St Peters Church in Bromyard Herefordshire
bride and the father of the bride walking down the aisle arm in arm at her wedding at St Peters Church in Bromyard Herefordshire
bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony at a church in Herefordshire
bride and groom exchange rings at their church wedding in Herefordshire
bride and groom sign the wedding register with the Vicar watching over at their Hereford wedding
bride and groom get covered in confetti following their Bromyard wedding
bride and groom celebrate with their wedding guests following their wedding in Bromyard Herefordshire
bride and groom cut their wedding cake in the grounds of the Church
wedding guests enjoy a wedding picnic in the gardens of the brides parents
wedding guests enjoy a wedding picnic



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Destination: Hereford Wedding Photography | Wedding Venue: St Peters Church Bromyard | Wedding Setting: Church Wedding

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