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As I prepare for another small COVID restricted wedding this weekend, I want to let you know something about weddings which are taking place with the current COVID restrictions in place.

A lot of couples are still going ahead with their weddings this year and I want to reassure them that weddings are still special, they are still a once in a lifetime event and if you are determined to get married this year – I have some reassuring words for you.

Is your wedding less special because we are limited to 30 people? =>> Fu@k no! it’s your wedding day; you will still feel the nerves, you will still sip/gulp Prosecco for breakfast and it will still take an age to get the wedding dress on as the Bridemaids still haven’t watched that Youtube video of someone doing up a wedding dress!

Will you still get excited about putting on your wedding dress? =>> absolutely you will!

Will you still have to pay someone to ‘dress’ the backs of the chairs… =>> Oh yes.

Will your partner still cry when you first see each other on the wedding day? => absolutely, that will never change.

Will the BBC weather App show a 75% chance of rain on your wedding day => of course it will.

Are your parents less proud that you don’t have a guest list of 300 people? =>> Hell no! Seeing you getting married regardless of the number of people will make them so happy, they will never forget your wedding day.

Is the wedding first dance any less special because the DJ won’t be playing Whigfield or Cha Cha Slide at the disco =>> The only positive thing from COVID is not having to listen to these songs…

What I’m trying to say/reassure the couples still getting married this year – yes, it’s a little different I totally get that, but the emotions, the butterflies, the hugs, the tears, the feelings are still the same.

In the coming months and weeks, we may see an increase in the number of people allowed for the wedding reception, I’d love to see it get to 50 by October, which is a good number for the type of weddings I typically do – but realistically we are not going to see 100+ people indoors sat down for a wedding breakfast until we have a vaccine.

What I have seen from the couples I have photographed in the last 6 weeks – they have embraced the need for changes, they have made their days even more unique and memorable.

Why do we do the first dance at 8pm? Why not do it outside in the sun?

Why not cut the cake in the afternoon so people can enjoy it rather than nick bit for the journey home at the end of the night?

With only 8 weddings left for the rest of the year, I’m looking forward to capturing all the stories, all the glances, the small details, the touches and no matter what – your wedding is still special and you will never forget the butterflies and excitement!

I’m about to show you some COVID wedding photographs, some of these images were taken at Goosedale in Nottingham, some of these were taken on the day that facemasks became a legal requirement for anyone in a place of worship and some of these were taken in Herefordshire before the need to have facemasks inside Churches.

You will see pictures which show facemasks and face coverings, but you will also see things that happen at every wedding, Brides getting excited about the wedding, bridesmaids getting ready, Grooms looking nervous, someone will throw confetti and they will always be hugs – COVID or NOT. I just want to show people that your wedding can still be amazing, can still be special, emotional and something you will never forget.

To see a fuller gallery and a Wedding Photofilm of a Wedding affected by the COVID wedding restrictions please click here =>> COVID WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY



Groom looking nervous at a Covid wedding at Goosedale Nottingham

bride looking excited at putting her wedding dress on during the Covid wedding restrictions

Covid wedding photography sign inside a church asking for people to stay 2m's apart during the wedding ceremony

wedding guest uses hand sanitiser before entering the church for a COVID Wedding

bridesmaids getting ready for a COVID restricted wedding in Derby

best man waiting next to the bride's car adjusting his mask at a COVID restricted wedding

The priest wears a face shield for a COVID restricted wedding

Bride and Groom share a loving glance at their COVID impacted wedding

wedding guest waits outside the church wearing a mask because of the COVID restrictions in a Church

Staff at Goosedale in Nottingham serve wedding guest through COVID 19 protective screen

groom looking nervous at a Covid wedding in Bromyard Herefordshire

daughter of the bride looking on as her mum gets married at Goosedale in Nottingham during a COVID wedding

the bride arrives at her COVID Church wedding in Derbyshire

bride and her son hug after the wedding ceremony at Goosedale during the COVID wedding restrictions

maid of honour looks at her best friend getting married in a church during the COVID Wedding restrictions

bride and groom share a loving glance at their COVID impacted wedding as they walk out of the Melbourne Derby Church

bride and groom get covered in confetti in the grounds of Goosedale nottingham during the COVID 19 wedding restrictions

bride and groom walking down the aisle after getting married in a church wedding in Bromyard Herefordshire

bride and grandma share a touching hand during the speeches in the garden of the Church during a covid restricted wedding



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