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Wedding photography at Prestwold Hall - bride and groom confetti outside in the grounds of prestwold hall


Becky and Mike were married in an outdoor wedding ceremony at the characterful Prestwold Hall, an exclusive wedding venue located on the outskirts of Loughborough near Leicester.

It’s was 18 months before their wedding that Becky, Mike and Me had a chat about their wedding photography at Prestwold Hall and I remember the phrase that is so important to me when I speak to my couples about their wedding images ‘We like candid and relaxed wedding photography, nothing too formal’ – music to my ears!

With my style of wedding photography, there is a certain amount of education needed for parents and elder guests, who maybe expect a more formal approach to wedding photography where almost every aspect of the day from a photographic point is dictated by the photographer – Becky and Mike had told their parents about me and my documentary wedding photography style and that it’s going to be a little bit different!


The morning was chilled; although the first thing I did when I walked into the room was to step on the wedding dress which Becky’s Mum quickly pointed out… sorry about that! Once that awkward moment had passed everything went smoothly with the girls having they hair done by the awesome Jemma (LINKY) and one of Becky’s friends doing all the make-up; everyone looked stunning and ready to rock the outdoor wedding ceremony at Prestwold Hall.

Whilst the girls were getting the final bits and bobs done, Mike arrived with his Best Man to have a look around the grounds at Prestwold Hall and to make sure that the outdoor wedding ceremony location looked just so – and it did, the weather was perfect with zero chance of rain, which is odd given it was August…

Whilst Mike went off to the bar for a quick drink, I popped back up to see the girls, who had just finished putting on their dresses and were helping Becky get into her wedding dress.

Wedding photography at Prestwold Hall -


With the weather looking good all day, it was great that the guys could have their wedding ceremony outside in the gardens of Prestwold Hall. Once everyone had found their seats and with the music playing, the Bridesmaids made their way down the long path towards the pagoda where the wedding ceremony was to take place. The final walk together is always a special one for the Dad and his daughter and the long walk for Becky and her Dad was great as it gave them a chance to take it all in, the guests get a look at the dress and Mike gets to watch his Bride-to-be walking towards him.

Wedding Photography at Prestwold Hall – bride and her dad walking down the aisle at prestwold hall wedding photography

Once the civil ceremony was done and the wedding register signed, it was time for the new Mr and Mrs Roberts to do the confetti run! Love this part of a wedding, and what made this confetti run awesome was the length of the aisle and the number of people with confetti, everyone got covered!

With the great weather, everyone chilled in the sun, played some games, chatted and listened to the live musician before they made their way inside for the wedding breakfast and the all-important speeches, but first…


Becky and Mike during the wedding breakfast had arranged for everyone to play a game of Cards Against Humanity – A fun game where you start with a black card which has a saying, a phrase or a question with a word or words missing, everyone else who has the white cards has to fill in the blanks using what is written on one of their white cards – I’m not sure what the question was for Becky’s Mum to give the answer she did in one of the photos below!


Once everyone had enjoyed the wedding breakfast, it was time for the speeches – first up was Becky’s Dad, who managed to get through his whole speech with just one small pause for an emotional quick drink. Next up was Mike who surprised Becky with a new Tag watch, then finally the Best Man; who kept the stories nice and clean – which I’m sure was a relief Mike!


For me every wedding should come with a live music band – it should be the law! A live band makes the evening so much better, make people dance more, make’s it more memorable and also means I don’t have to listen to Whigfield again! Thankfully Becky and Mike booked a really awesome band and they rocked Prestwold Hall all night and allowed me to get some great disco shots!

I loved Becky and Mike’s wedding at Prestwold Hall, and I’m so chuffed that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. Becky and Mike are a great couple who wanted their wedding to be fun, casual and for people to just enjoy themselves – and everyone did, including me.




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