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Nottingham Live Wedding Music Band - Lead Singer Looking at His Keyboard Player During A Song


Welcome to another quick wedding blog post called #weddingfriendsfriday where every Friday (missed one last week..) I share with you people in the wedding industry who are at the top of their game and are some of the best wedding suppliers around, all these wedding suppliers have been recommended to me by happy Brides and Grooms.

All of the wedding suppliers in my #weddingfriendsfriday are people who I have worked with and I would highly recommend you check them out!


Whenever I talk to couples about their plans for their weddings, towards the end of the chat we get to the wedding disco and I ask them what their plans are for timings of the cake cut, first dance and if they are going down the wedding DJ route or a wedding live band.

For some couples they just want a wedding DJ to rock up, play some tunes and let people enjoy the wedding disco; other couples want a Live band – and when I hear that I get a buzz.

Now – there is no right or wrong answer for picking either a DJ or a live wedding music band, it’s down to what you prefer and sometimes can afford – often the DJ comes as part of the wedding package with the venue and this helps keep things nice and simple for people.

But, for me I LOVE a live music band at weddings, they just bring an energy to the evening, everyone can enjoy a live wedding music band and I do mean everyone!

If you have guests that don’t want to get up and dance at the wedding, that’s fine – they can still enjoy the band by watching them as entertainment while people who want to have a good dance can do – it’s perfect!

Nottingham Live Wedding Music Band - Lead Singer Playing Guitar and Singing to the crowd


I just mentioned in the previous sentence about a live wedding band having an energy, and they really do – nothing beats hearing your favourite songs played live and being able to dance to your favourite music being played live – NOTHING BEATS THAT!

I’ll be honest, I am a little biased on this… for 16 years I was a drummer, I played, I taught and I loved it; except for being the first one to have to set-up, being the last to have everything packed away and being the butt of a lot of musicians jokes..

How can you tell a drummer’s at the door? – The knocking speeds up

What is the difference between a drummer and a ISA savings account? –  One will mature and make money..

So I have been there as a musician and I am there now as a wedding photographer and if you can stretch to a live band for the evening of your wedding – I would 100% recommend you do and I would also recommend you check out Joe and his band.


I asked Joe to put together a few FAQ’s and bits and bobs to help you guys out when looking around for a live music band to play at your wedding:

Live Wedding Band Coverage

We provide 2 x 45 mins sets of live music as part of an evening reception, we can provide acoustic daytime sets and ceremony music too. We find the evening 45-minute set followed by a break to be the perfect amount of time for the wedding guests to get up and dance then chill and cool down before getting back on the dancefloor for the second 45-minute set.

The break between the sets is also a great time for your wedding venue to bring out the wedding evening food and during the break, we provide a DJ playlist rather than silence!

All The Equipment Provided

We bring all the sound and lighting equipment needed for your wedding – a big or small venue, we got it all covered! Everything is PAT tested and insured which is vital for the safety of everyone.

Some venues will only allow equipment on site which has been PAT tested to the current laws and regulations.

First Dance Song

Nothing beats having your first dance song played live! And whilst some band will play the track through the DJ system – we can play it live! If your first dance song is something that we don’t normally play, no problems – we will learn and nail your first dance song ready for your wedding!

Setting Up For The Wedding

Tiptoeing like mice, we make sure that we arrive, set-up and soundcheck at a time on your wedding day which causes the least amount of disruption.

What Music Do We Play At Weddings

We play everything from Old time Rock n Roll to Blackstreet and of course, we play Mr Brightside – quite possibly the best song to play at a wedding!




I hope you liked wedding friends blog post, I have plenty more coming in the next weeks and months – but before you go I just wanted to share the contact details for Joe and his wedding live music band – please mention me when you contact Joe!

Web-site –> Live Wedding Band – The Joe Strange Band

Instagram –> Lead singer in The Joe Strange Band and Solo Acoustic/Harmonica player.

Facebook –>The Joe Strange Band – Facebook Page Of Upcoming Gigs