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The best thing for me at weddings (other than cake…) is photographing hugs, it’s crazy to think that we are coming into a phase of more lockdown restriction being lifted which will allow weddings to go ahead – but will be governed by social distancing, which means no hugs! really don’t like that idea!

Hugs make a wedding for me! no two hugs are the same – some are the offer of support and safety, some the forgiveness of all past arguments and fallouts, but most are about love and affection.

Hugs come in all shapes and sizes – from a few seconds to a few minutes, from two people to three or four people!

Photographing hugs is a proper challenge – you never know when a ‘squeeze’ is on the cards.

The biggest challenge though is which side the ’embrace’ is going to happen!

Sometimes you think it’s a left shoulder ‘cuddle’, you get set, camera ready for the special moment and then at the last moment it turns into a right shoulder ‘bear hug’ – damn!!

But then you see another ‘clinch’ incoming, you go right, they go right and Boom! You get the shot!

I have so many hug photos which I love looking at, but here are a few of my favourites in no particular order.


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