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Welcome to a small selection of the best wedding suppliers who cover Nottingham, Derby and Leicester – I call the people on this page my wedding friends.

These wedding suppliers are people who I have worked with on many occasions and have been endorsed by more than one of my happy wedding couples – you cannot get better than an endorsement from a happy Bride or Groom!

Relaxed documentary Wedding photography - here is one of my wedding friends - Nottingham wedding make-up artist - Charlotte Mallinder Make-up artist
best wedding suppliers - Nottingham wedding cake maker - Red Robin Cakery
Nottingham Live Wedding Music Band - Lead Singer playing guitar and singing
The Best Wedding Dress Shop in Nottingham - The Bridal Suite Nottingham
best Nottingham wedding suppliers - Nottingham wedding videographer - James Douglas Films
Nottingham wedding entertainment - Mind Reader Nottingham
best Nottingham wedding suppliers - Nottingham wedding Harpist - Lisa Wright
The Best Nottingham wedding suppliers


There are so many options and it can get a little overwhelming if this is the first time you have thought about planning an event like a wedding, every supplier will be different even if they are from the same part of the wedding industry!

Take wedding photography as an example – there are as many styles as there are days in a month, with everyone offering different coverage, different wedding options and it can be a minefield to work it all out.

Step One In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Make a List

Make a list of the different types of suppliers that you are going to use on a wedding day; wedding photographer, wedding cake maker, wedding dress boutique, wedding hairdresser etc.. now this might be a large list, but there are a lot of suppliers needed for a wedding!

On your wedding supplier list, make a note of the budget you can spend on each wedding supplier, Invest your wedding budget in the areas that are important to you – it’s so true, but, you get what you pay for and your wedding day isn’t a time for taking a risk on going cheap.

Step Two In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Do Some Research

Most couples looking for wedding suppliers find their suppliers via; internet searches (let’s be honest Google), recommendations from friends and family, wedding directory web-sites, online articles on blogs or in magazines and a lot of couples are now finding their perfect weddings suppliers via social media – especially Instagram.

With so many options available it is important to remember that this can and will take time, but the time you spend researching now will be worth it in the long run and the more suppliers you look at the more it will help in honing down the types of suppliers you want to work with for your wedding.

Step Three In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Reaching Out

Now you have your budgets, you have a list of suppliers you need to book and you have researched suppliers online; it’s time to send a few emails or fill out some contact forms.

These initial contacts with wedding suppliers is a very important step in the relationship, for me if I email someone and it takes 5 days for them to get back to me and unless they have explained why the delay – I’m going to worry that this person is going to be slow to respond to everything and it may mean that person isn’t taking things seriously; I’m not saying that every supplier should respond within 5 minutes of an email landing in the inbox even when they are asleep – but I do think that response times can give you a hint into how each wedding supplier works.

When filling out a contact form or sending an, try and give the wedding supplier as much info as you can about you, your partner and plans for the wedding. Most contact forms will ask for wedding date and venue, but if the contact form is missing this or you are sending an email – make sure you add this info in your little message.

Step Four In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Arranging Zoom, Phone Calls or Meet-ups

Once you have gotten responses from your prefered wedding suppliers, it’s time to try and arrange a chat to talk through things.

For me, I love Zoom calls for the first catch-up, it’s easy, you get to see each other and there is little travelling involved.

I book all my calls using my Wedding Enquiry Booking Calander where couples can schedule a phone call or a zoom call at a time that works for everyone – it’s so easy and saves go back and forth working out when people are free!

The initial chat between me and any couple looking to book is always a very informal one, zero sales pressure and it’s just a nice easy chat. I tend to cover all aspects of what is involved on a wedding day from a timing and a photographic point of view – everyone will be different and each supplier will have different things that they want to cover in the first chat.

Make sure on the first chat that you ask questions, make a list beforehand and if the wedding supplier doesn’t cover the points naturally in the conversation – make sure you ask; for me, it doesn’t matter the question, I want people to finish the first chat knowing everything and ticking off all the questions they have.

Step Five In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Did You Get The Fizz?

For some of your wedding suppliers, it’s a case of ticking something off your list; for example ‘The Chair Cover’ supplier (you know the one who ties a nice bow on the backs of the chairs) – you might find someone who fits the bill in terms of money and is available, so for this type of wedding supplier it’s a case of “tick, done”.

However, for other wedding suppliers; the ones who are going to be with you for a significant part of the day or have a big impact on your day you need to get what I call “The Fizz”, a little bit of an excited feeling, a feeling that someone feels a right fit for you, your wedding plans and you can see that wedding supplier being a good addition to your wedding.

If someone gives you “The Fizz” get cracking on Step 6! If not, keep looking!

Step Five In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Get Them Booked!

As a wedding photographer and a wedding supplier, there is no bigger buzz than getting that email in your inbox to say that a couple want’s to go ahead and book you; it’s a brilliant feeling!

Once, you have let your chosen supplier know that they are part of your wedding crew, it’s time to complete the paperwork to get the suppliers booked, always make sure you have a contract in place with all your suppliers, make sure you know exactly what is going to be covered, make sure you know about deposits and booking fees and when the final balance is due.

For all my couples I ask them to complete a booking form, from which I create a wedding contract and email that over with the payment terms. Everything in my contract is straight forward and everything is clear and easy to understand – in my book all contracts between you and your suppliers should be like this!

Step Six In Picking Your Wedding Suppliers – Sit Back And Relax!

Step six is a nice one, you are now a big step or a big stride towards wedding planning bliss – enjoy the feeling!