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In this video, I talk about through few things that can really help me on a wedding day

I want you to get the best out of me on your wedding day!Andy



If you are getting ready at the venue, or you don’t have me for morning prep; then feel free to skip this bit!

I need to arrive at the wedding ceremony location at least 30 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony; this allows me to capture people arriving and get some venue shots, cake pictures etc…

There are two main timings that impact the time that I arrive at the wedding ceremony location. 

The first is travel time, if it takes 45 minutes to get to the ceremony location from where you are getting ready in the morning, I’m going to need to leave the getting ready part of the day at a certain time to allow me to get to the venue with the 30 minutes spare.

The second bit which impacts on the morning timings is the final getting ready bit, the wedding dress or suit going on.

If you want to have some shots of the final bits of the dress going on, maybe Mum’s helping or you want to capture the bridesmaid’s reactions when they see you for the first time – all this needs to happen before I have to leave to get to the ceremony location.

Typically, if there is travel involved, most people are eager to make sure they are ready and so it might be that nothing changes in terms of timings, but worth keeping it in mind if you do want the reactions or the dress/suit shots.


It’s so important that on the wedding day that you have a few people, Ushers, Groomsmen, Best men, Bridesmaids etc.. there to help with things. Simple things, like which side people should be sitting on during the ceremony, what time things are happening etc.. these little things can make the day run a lot smoother.

The two times on a wedding day where it’s beneficial to have someone to help us out: 


If you are planning on doing confetti, it’s really helpful if you can get the Ushers or Groomsmen to arrange two lines of people ready for when you guys come through the door or the arch way etc..

I’ll obviously step in if things aren’t getting done, but I much prefer to be snapping away capturing people getting ready to cover you in confetti – people love confetti and so to capture that is important.


The second time that the Ushers or Groomsmen will need to help us is when we are ready to do the family/group formals.

If you can delegate a couple of peeps (and let them know before the wedding); pick peeps who are likely to know the people who are on the group shot lists, brothers or sisters are usually good ones to rope in for the bit as they are likely to know the families.

Typically we can do the family formals during the drinks reception, there is usually a lull after about 40 minutes, this is the perfect time to do them.


About 6 weeks before the wedding I’ll be in touch to arrange a Zoom call and to send you a link to fill out a pre-wedding questionnaire, on this form you can fill in the timings of when the main things are going to happen on the day.

Around a week before the wedding, I’ll be in touch to double-check that nothing has changed from when we had our Zoom call and when the pre-wedding questionnaire was filled out.

Things do change, sometimes they change on a wedding day, but let me know if they do change so I can make sure I’m in the right place at the right time!


Hopefully, these suggestions make sense, and I’m in no way saying that what I have written or said in the video must happen, but I genuinely want you to get the best out of me and these things can help.



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