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Wedding photography at The Carriage Hall in Nottingham + Bride and groom first kiss


Laura and Pete were married at the Carriage Hall in Plumtree here in sunny Nottingham, an autumn wedding in weather and theme.

The first wedding picture I took on the day was a sneaky one. I bumped into Laura just outside the main building as she was walking with her wedding dress. She spotted me and turned around, and with her wedding dress lifted high above her head to stop it from dragging on the floor – I pressed the shutter button and took the picture.

Wedding photography at Carriage Hall in Nottingham + Bride carries her wedding dress above her head to stop it from getting dirty

Once inside, and after I had grabbed some photos of The Carriage Hall dressed with autumn colours, I headed upstairs to where Laura and her girls were getting ready.


It wasn’t long into the girls getting their hair and make-up done that guests started to arrive at the Carriage Hall for the wedding, and with Laura getting ready close to the window, her girls were a little worried that people would see her before the wedding ceremony, the girls did their best to block the window from peeping wedding guests.

Wedding photography at Carriage Hall in Nottingham + Brides maids block the window to stop wedding guests from seeing the bride

When the girls were ready to help Laura into her wedding dress, I headed downstairs to capture the wedding guest arrivals and hopefully capture some images of a nervous-looking Pete.

After a quick chat with Pete and a few of the wedding guests, I headed back upstairs to see Laura, who with the help from her Mum, was almost ready for her wedding at The Carriage Hall.


Before Laura was ready for the wedding ceremony, there was a knock at the door; it was her Dad. He wanted to see her in her wedding dress.

These moments are always tricky for a wedding photographer, you are there to capture the moments, but you also have to be respectful that this is real, real emotions and you 100% do not want to get in the way; a few clicks and I left them to it.

By now, most of the wedding guests had arrived and were sat in the big hall.


As I headed downstairs to the main hall the location for the wedding ceremony, I spotted that the staff at Carriage Hall had partially closed the curtains at the bottom of the stairs (to stop people seeing Laura before she walks in with her Dad). I spotted that Pete and his Best Man could be seen through the gap in the curtains. I could see that they were chatting – I took a couple of pictures, but I wanted a better expression for the picture; I waited a bit longer, and one of them cracked a joke; ‘click’ picture done.

Wedding photography at Carriage Hall in Nottingham + best man and groom laugh during the wedding ceremony



First down the aisle at Carriage Hall was Laura’s bridesmaids, then it was the turn of Laura and her Dad – this is always a special moment for any parent, and you can see by the emotions on Laura’s Dad’s face, this was a big moment for him.

Wedding photography at Carriage Hall in Nottingham + emotional father of the bride and bride walking down the aisle at Carriage Hall Wedding

The wedding ceremony was a quick one – just how the guys had planned it, with a couple of readings, the vows and the “I do’s”; it wasn’t long before the wedding ceremony was done, the legal paperwork all signed and they were walking back down the aisle at The Carriage Hall as Husband and Wife.

The early afternoon was spent on the mezzanine floor at Carriage Hall, with the weather blustery and raining quite hard; it made sense for everyone to stay dry and warm!

We did manage to get outside for 10 minutes to grab a couple of family formal pictures. 10 minutes was all the weather gave us!

Back inside and with the main Hall now converted from a wedding ceremony room to a wedding breakfast room; it was time for the wedding guests to find their seats and wait for the entrance of the new Mr and Mrs.

With everyone ready and with the best man announcing everyone to stand for the arrival of the bride and groom – Laura and Pete made their way through the tables and guests to find their seat at the top table.

A favourite image of mine from this part of the day is a little moment between Laura and their daughter Eliza.

Wedding photography at Carriage Hall in Nottingham + bride and daughter have an emotional moment at a wedding at the Carriage Hall Plumtree

With everyone sat down and introductions done, it was time for the wedding breakfast food – pork pies and afternoon tea – lovely stuff.

Next up the wedding speeches, Laura’s Dad was up first, followed by Pete and finally the Best Man, who behaved himself and kept the stories clean.. which is always a relief for parents of the kids!

Once the wedding speeches were done and with everyone at the bar, the evening kicked off with the wedding cake cut and the wedding first dance (or first shuffle as I call it).

The rest of the evening was a mixture of some ever so slightly tipsy wedding disco dancing and people chilling and chatting on the comfy sofas on the mezzanine floor.

I really enjoyed the Carriage Hall wedding of Laura and Pete, a lovely couple, and a great family with their daughter Eliza.



The Carriage Hall is a stunning wedding venue, it really is! I cannot think of any other wedding venue in Nottingham which offers such a unique wedding day experience.

The history of the Carriage Hall starts way back in 1895, when (what is now) The Carriage Hall was once a charming Victorian goods shed located on the railway line in Plumtree. The restoration was sympathetically restored using traditional skills and contemporary building materials to create what is now a truly unique and one of a kind wedding venue in Nottingham.

Not only do you have access to the main Hall at the Carriage Hall for a wedding you also have access to the Mezzanine floor which overlooks the main Hall and is a wonderful place for wedding guests to enjoy a drink, a chat and place to sit on the oh so comfy leather sofa’s!

The Carriage Hall is surrounded by lovely Nottinghamshire countryside, with plenty of gardens for wedding guests to wander through during the warmer months – The Carriage Hall really does have it all when it comes to being a wedding venue and as a Nottingham wedding photographer The Carriage Hall is local to me and is a Nottingham wedding venue that I love to photograph at.



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