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SaywellHQ Online Wedding Photography Galleries

Nottingham Wedding Photographer - Online wedding gallery


I deliver all wedding images via a secure online gallery system; from the secure online galleries, you have unlimited digital downloads, ability to share, favourite and print options for 12 months.

-> As Standard, all my weddings images are delivered in colour; the images are split into smaller galleries. For example – morning, pre-ceremony, post-ceremony, ceremony, B&W (if added as a paid extra) etc.. as shown below.

Online wedding gallery


-> As Standard, I create a ‘SaywellHQ Picks’ gallery which contains the images which I think tell the story of your day.

On a wedding day, I will deliver images of guests at a wedding as a record of who was at the wedding, some of these images won’t make it into my selection, but will be included in your other galleries.

The ‘SaywellHQ Picks’ gallery will be a mixture of colour and B&W images.

Online wedding gallery


Black and White Images Optional Extra

Within the ‘SaywellHQ Picks’ gallery, there will be a selection of B&W photos; these will be photo’s which I have selected to be in black & white, for some weddings this maybe as much as a 60/40 split of colour vs. B&W contained within the ‘SaywellHQ Picks Gallery’.

If you wanted to have all your delivered wedding images in B&W alongside the standard colour photos, you can add the B&W+ option (£300 for a full day or £200 for the 4-hour wedding package).

This optional extra will be included as a tick box on your wedding booking form and the photos will be contained within a gallery called B&W. You can, of course, add this option before the wedding day by sending me an email asking for the option to be added to your final wedding photography balance.

How long does the gallery stay up for?

Your online wedding gallery which allows you to download, favourite, share, print and view all your wedding images stays up for 12 months. After 12 months you have the option to extend the gallery for another 12 months giving you peace of mind that you have a secure copy of your wedding photos.

As part of the 12-month extension, an ‘offline’ back-up of your wedding images will also be kept at either the SaywellHQ studio (and) or a cloud-based provider.

You will receive an email reminding you about the expiry of your wedding gallery around 11 months after the wedding and a further email 12 months after the delivery of your wedding images to respond to a secure questionnaire regarding your wedding gallery.