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Back in April 2016 I had a great day learning from the master Kevin Mullins. I and several other photo nuts spent a day wondering around Birmingham learning how Kevin applies his skills and techniques to capture great street photography photos.

I’d first met Kevin on one of his documentary wedding courses held at Amersham Studios, I really loved how he spoke with passion and how clear he was about how and why he shoots in the way he does. As soon as I got home from that day I logged on to Kevin’s website and had a look at the other training days he has on the go – one of them was the street photography day in Birmingham.

The day was a great learning experience, we started off with brief introductions, Kevin then spoke about how he shoots street photography – I’m not going to go into Kevin’s way of working – you will have to get booked on one of his courses for that, but I can say that it was an eye-opener and has changed the way I view photos, how I compose and the correct technique to get the shot.

His techniques have also influenced the way I now use my Fuji when shooting weddings especially the sneaky hip holding shots that you see a lot of.

If you are on the fence about one of these sorts of days, just go for it. If you have no interest in shooting “street” the techniques, ideas, plans and compositions can be used in all different types of photography.

Link to Kevin’s website for his training workshops

Link to Amersham studios for Kevin’s wedding workshops


 Possibly my favourite shot from the day - the background, the banana and the guys response to what is being said on the phone.