Why You Should Back-Up Your Wedding Photos

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Something that I have a responsibility for as a paid photographer is back-ups and data storage.

I personally do not believe an image exists unless it is in a minimum of three different places and one of those is off-site – I’m constantly worried that a hard drive will go down and I will lose photos and data.

For all my wedding work I have the photos on my iMac, I have them on a DROBO (5 hard drives with data redundancy), I have them on an external hard drive and I have them stored in the cloud using two different providers – I think I have enough coverage to mean I won’t have a problem if something goes wrong…

But what about you guys?

I offer everyone an online secure gallery for 12 months, and this can be extended for £25 a year (with the benefit of having access to print services direct from your wedding galleries). I always tell my wedding couples to upload copies of their wedding photos to an online storage vault.

Most email providers offer a certain amount of free storage – a free google drive account offers 15 gb of data which is more than enough to store copies of your wedding photos.

It doesn’t take long to copy the contents of your wedding galleries to your hard drive and then upload them to a free secure vault – it couldn’t be easier and it’s free!

It’s best to be safe than sorry!