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SaywellHQ Update

As we hit April it’s time for a quick update – the first part of 2019 has been very very busy for me with weddings, website build, networking, training etc.. but I’m glad to say that things are calming down in April and amazing the website is a week away from going live – super excited!

This coming Sunday (7th of April) I will be exhibiting at a wedding fair at the Leicester Tigers stadium

I always ask my couples what they think of wedding fairs and often it’s not a great response.. but I don’t think all wedding fairs are equal – I do think there are some shockers out there where everyone will force you to take flyers for things you don’t want.

The wedding fair put on by Whoop Events East – Wedding Shows are different, its very difficult to get into one as a supplier and as such, they make sure that the people who exhibit following a friendly and non-salesy approach – if not, you’re out!

A lot of people who do wedding fairs have the roller banners – the ones that you pull out of a base and they stand up on their own – everyone has these, but I have a cunning plan to do something a little different, it has involved getting wood splinters for the first time since leaving school…. I will share the pictures when it’s all finished and set-up at the show.

So please share the link with people, even if it’s not for me as a wedding photographer – there are plenty of stationery, cake, hair and make-up, entertainment, transport – you name it, it will be shown at this wedding fair.

Totally free to get in as long as you pre-register – just click on the link above.

Right – back to my wedding stand creation!