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Looking for and finding the right wedding photographer is complicated, everyone does something slightly different; from wedding style, wedding coverage, delivery of the wedding photos, wedding photography price and what’s included.

I have always kept things simple – two wedding packages, 1 album style, a wedding photofilm, online delivery with print options and no massive menu options which hurt’s your head trying to figure out how much it’s all going to cost.

I like to think that my site and my blog posts help cut through the BS of marketing, the get you in the door and then fleece you for loads of extra money types.

When I want to buy something, I want it to be obvious what I’m getting and how much it’s going to cost.

In the above video covering wedding photography FAQs, I go through the most commonly asked questions about my style, my coverage, booking process, illness, insurance and many other questions.

Below is the list of questions and timecode for each question; if there is a particular answer you want to know, head to that time in the video.

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions Video Timecode

  • Are you free on my Wedding Day? → 30 seconds

  • How many images do we get? → 1 min 2 seconds

  • How do we get our wedding photos? → 1 min 55 seconds

  • How long are you at my wedding? → 2 min 35 seconds

  • Do you do family formals? → 3 min 32 seconds

  • How long till we get the photos – assume its ages? → 4 min 13 seconds

  • How much is the deposit? When do we need to pay it? → 4 min 28 seconds

  • Do we have to feed you at the wedding? → 5 min 0 seconds

  • When do you need the final balance? → 5 min 25 seconds

  • Are you insured, what happens if you are ill? → 5 min 35 seconds

  • Is the beard included….? → 6 min 11 seconds

  • Can we have the RAW files? → 6 min 23 seconds

  • Do we meet up before the wedding? → 7 min 30 seconds

  • Can you photography both partners getting ready at the same time? → 8 min 04 seconds

  • Text from the wife…? → 9 min 02 seconds

  • What happens if your camera breaks? → 9 min 16 seconds

  • Do you take any portraits – I don’t see many on your web-site?→ 9 min 55 seconds

A few useful links referenced in the wedding photography frequently asked questions

If there are any wedding photography questions or any other questions about your wedding that you wanted to ask me, drop me an email, get in touch on socials, phone me or for a really quick response; text or Whatsapp me.


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