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SaywellHQ wedding Album

I love putting together wedding albums for my couples; it’s fantastic to see the images printed and told as a story.

I like my couples to pick the images that they want to be included in their album (where possible), this is easy and is done by creating a favourites list in the secure VIP wedding gallery and then sharing that selection with me.

But, I do have some couples that prefer me to make the photo selections as they struggle to pick their favourites, I tend to find this is the best way for busy couples – let me select the images, design the album and you guys can make any revisions after I have done the first draft.

If my couples are making the photo selection, I always suggest being very strict with the choices, be harsh, be quick and decisive as this will help to keep the number of images to a workable amount. Once the selection is shared with me, I start the process of putting together the story by layout out the photos using my SaywellHQ album designer. I do sometimes have to add in additional images which help the story flow; it might be a simple image that pulls two parts of the wedding story together, and I always let people know which images I have added in and why.

I like working with what I call ‘Islands of colour’ or ‘islands of black & white’ and what that means; I do not like a page or a spread of pages where it is a mixture of colour and black & white on the same page or across the pages. I typically move between colour and black & white images only when moving to a different part of the wedding story.

SaywellHQ wedding Album

When the design is complete, the first draft of the wedding album is emailed over and is viewable as a 3D model wedding album. Any change requests are done on the 3D model wedding album. The change requests are shared with me; I will make the changes and issue a new 3D wedding album copy for final approval which is done within the 3D album viewer.

Following the approval of the album, I will send through colour examples of the box, spine and ribbon. Once this final step is approved the remaining balance on the wedding album is due and once paid, the album will then be submitted for print and binding – exciting!!

Depending on the time of year, album deliveries can range between a few weeks to a few months, with the summer months particularly busy for my album print company in Italy.

My album costs are simple;

The album you see below in A4-ish size (30x20cm) with around 80-100 photos selected by me and with the album designed by me – is £375 all in; £150 is due before the wedding and must be paid before the wedding.

The remaining balance is due once you guys have signed off the design, around 3-4 weeks after the delivery of wedding images.

Stunning wedding Album


Optional parent and gift albums are available to order at the same time as the main album. These are exact copies of the main album and come as a hardback album and is available in two sizes – I can show you these when we meet up before the wedding.

Stunning wedding Albums for parents

These make great gifts for parents, grandparents who will love looking through your wedding photos. Prices for the smaller albums (20x15cm) are £200 for a pair or £150 per album for the larger one, which is the same size as the main album (30x20cm).

Andy x