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The Embankment Pub Wedding Photography - bride and groom showered in confetti during the first dance at the embankment pub in Nottingham


It was October 2018 when Emma first got in contact with me about my availability for her and David’s wedding, which was to be at the Embankment Pub in Nottingham.

Roll forward 14 months, and it was time for the big day!

My day started at Emma’s parent’s house where Emma, her Bridesmaid’s and her parents were all due to get ready.

Although the wedding ceremony wasn’t until the afternoon at 2.30 pm, Emma and the girls wanted to get ready early to make sure there was plenty of time to chill, to take everything in and to not have to rush to get ready. This is always a good plan; there is always something that takes longer than planned on a wedding morning; typically getting the dresses on!

The girl’s hair and make-up was in full swing by the time I arrived (shout out to the amazing Justine’s Hair and Make-Up) with Georgia in the chair having the final bits done to her hair.

The morning was very chilled, Mum in the conservatory having her hair done, Dad out getting breakfast, and the girls chatting away, getting excited for what the day had in store, which is perfect for my style as a documentary wedding photographer.


Once Dad was back from Breakfast, it was time for the first teary moment for him as Emma had bought a little gift for him – some personalised socks for him to wear at the wedding. Emma warned me that her Dad was going to be emotional pretty much all day; the socks wouldn’t be the last time there was a tear in Barrie’s eye.

The morning went so quick, and it wasn’t long before it was time for Emma to get into her wedding dress.

As Emma headed upstairs with her Mum and her sister Georgia, her Dad stayed downstairs and prepared himself for seeing Emma in her dress for the first time.


Once Emma was in her dress, Dad hovered at the bottom of the stairs and as Emma got halfway down he turned to look at her – as you can see from the images below, it was an emotional moment.

The guys then waited for the wedding cars, and I headed off to the Embankment Pub; the venue for the wedding.

Rain had been forecast pretty much all day, and by the time I arrived at the Embankment Pub the rain had started to fall, and the clouds were turning very dark.. I headed in as quickly as possible to catch up with David.

David was in the bar, chatting away with some of the wedding guests and it wasn’t long after I arrived that everyone moved from the bar and upstairs to the Lord Trent Room at the Embankment pub where the wedding ceremony was due to take place.

The Embankment Nottingham Wedding Photography - groom chatting away with wedding guests at the wedding at the Embankment pub Nottingham

Emma and her Dad arrived in the wedding car not long after everyone had moved from the bar, but, by now the rain was coming down hard, and the wind had picked up – Dad made a run for it first followed by Emma; safely inside, Emma went off to see the wedding registrar.

Back in the ceremony room, all was calm, David was again chatting to the guests, a few selfies, some jokes and then the wedding music started.


First to walk down the aisle was Emma’s bridesmaids followed by Emma and her Dad – another emotional moment for Dad.

The ceremony was a quick one – just how the guys had planned it, with no readings – just the vows and the “I do’s”; it wasn’t long before the ceremony was done, the legal paperwork all signed and they were walking back down the aisle as Husband and Wife.


For the afternoon, Emma and David had something different planned. David’s family are big players of skittles and downstairs in the basement of the Embankment pub is a games room which has a skittles alley.

While some people played skittles, some people tucked into the pizza’s and others qued for the caricature artist that was there; Emma and David went for a little walk outside to have 10 minutes chill time – this is something that all couples should do, just to have a break, a little time away from it all.

Once the guys were back from the walk, it was back upstairs for the evening to start.

Because of the rain earlier in the day, people didn’t get a chance to throw the confetti, and so it was planned on the quiet that people would throw the confetti during the first dance – which was a good idea from Emma’s Mum!

Once the cake cut was done, it was time for the first dance (or first shuffle as I call it) and bang on queue – confetti went everywhere!


The rest of the evening was all about the disco – the playlist that Emma had put together was great and kept everyone on the dancefloor for the rest of the night. So many wedding photographers have packed up and on their way home by the time the wedding disco is in full swing – not me! My wedding photography style is about people – and no better place to photography people having fun than at a wedding disco – and the wedding disco at this Embankment Pub wedding was one of the best!

I really enjoyed the Embankment Pub wedding of Emma and David – my last wedding of 2019. Everyone left me to get on and to do my thing – let me capture some great wedding photos that Emma and David along with family and friends, will cherish.

Andy x



“Andy was a natural photographer we came across after searching on google. We loved how his images told the story of the day and knew instantly that’s what we were after. From start to finish he’s been great and we are delighted with our images from our December wedding. He really managed to capture the day without being in peoples faces and I can not recommend him enough! Thank you Andy x
— Emma and David