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Looking for and finding the right wedding photographer is complicated, everyone does something slightly different; from style, coverage, delivery to price and what’s included.

At pretty much every wedding, a guest will get chatting to me about their own wedding images and guaranteed the conversation will turn to how much they dislike their own wedding images and wished they had either researched their wedding photographer better or spent more money and not gone so low on price.

At a recent wedding fair, I got chatting to a couple who just said: “we don’t know where to start, it’s so difficult just starting to look for a wedding photographer, there are so many of you out there!” I chatted to them for a good 20 minutes on what to look for, what the first steps should be, the tricks of the trade, price and ultimately the fiz (hold that thought, will come back to that).

So I decided to put together my own little video on picking the best wedding photographer for your wedding. I’m not claiming this is the only way to find your perfect wedding photographer (there are as many guides on this subject as there are wedding photographers..), but I do believe that the 6 points in this video are the right points to be thinking about when looking to find and book your wedding photographer.

In the video, I talk about and go a little more in-depth about the following things

Choosing A Wedding Photography Style -> The different types of wedding photography, from documentary wedding photography to high key fashion wedding photography and everything in between.

Starting The Google Search For A Wedding Photographer -> I talk about the challenges of searching for your perfect wedding photographer, what the wedding photographer is showing you on their website and how you can spot someone who is claiming to be one style but are actually another style.

A Connection To The Photographer ->You are probably going to have your wedding photographer with you for most of your wedding day, you have to feel comfortable with them – do they give you a good feeling, do they give you the fiz?

Read Reviews -> Have a look at google reviews for wedding photographers, have a look at their socials and get a vibe for what past couples have said about them and their work.

Wedding Photography Coverage -> Not all wedding photographers do the same coverage, research and decide on what length of coverage you want; and make sure that full-day means full day – the disco at the end of the night is a massive part of the wedding, some photographers leave a wedding straight after the first dance.

Price -> Yep, watch the video to see why I believe that price should be the last factor in picking your wedding photographer.

I hope you find this video on how to pick you wedding photographer useful, there are obviously more steps in this process once you have picked your photographer – wedding contract, delivery of images, insurance, 2nd photographers, wedding books, wedding photofilms – but I think these are things to be sorted after you have decided on your wedding photographer.

If there are any wedding photography questions or any other questions about your wedding that you wanted to ask me, drop me an email, get in touch on socials, phone me or for a really quick response; text or Whatsapp me.


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