I’ve had the XT2 since the launch day last Thursday, I didn’t get a chance to open the box until the following Tuesday when I thought sod it – I’m going to see what the AF talk is all about.

There are those out there that are saying that the XT2 AF can compete with DSLRs when it comes to AF tracking; before I made the full move to Fuji I shot with a Canon 5D3 and the AF on that thing was very good.

I set out on Tuesday to see what the AF was like when trying to capture Karting and Canoeing – which is what I’m going to talk about in this post.

I knew from previous experience that trying to track these guys coming down the slalom at the National Watersports Centre here in Nottingham is not an easy task – you have waves, poles, grass, curbs, benches, and other users which can confuse the AF system of any camera.

My set-up was the XT2, battery grip, the 50-150 F2.8. I set the AF to different modes mainly settling on zone focus with 3×3 zone. I tested the different AF custom presets and I have to say they all worked really well; I think, however, I preferred the custom setting No2 – which tells the camera to focus on the subject and to ignore obstacles.

The picture above gives a good example of the AF ignoring obstacles, I tracked the guy from left to right going passed the sitting canoeist and the camera tracked it perfectly.

I couldn’t spend too long shooting these guys as they were having a training session.  I shot them for about 10 minutes before I left them to it.  Below is an extended sequence showing the camera tracking from left to right and it not having any problems whatsoever.

I gave the XT2 every chance to fail, I tried to get it to be confused by obstacles, I pushed the camera hard – shooting on a very hot day, shooting at 11fps but the camera did not fail me and only missed focus occasionally when I was zooming in and out whilst shooting high-speed burst.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this camera can fit into my workflow – will it replace my XPRO2’s…. time will tell