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These three images show so much emotion, so much love and show why I believe in documentary / candid wedding photography.

I mingle, I shoot the things that I believe matter to people, I may have to get my elbows out to get in position, but I believe in allowing moments to happen and me and my Fuji’s capture those moments.

Since moving from Canon I have seen a more relaxed response to the Fuji cameras, people don’t feel intimidated by the little Fuji’s – the Canon 5D3 did put people off – its too big for the way I now enjoy shooting.

My personal mantra the last few months has been “moments matter”, its something that I strongly believe in and anticipating those moments is something that comes with experience, its something that I’m working on every day – even walking the streets I’m seeing moments, I’m seeing expressions, I’m seeing things that might turn into something; all this helps when shooting documentary-style weddings.



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