Fuji 16mm 1.4 First Impressions

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I sold my 14mm f2.8 as I didn’t use it as much I thought I would, I have the excellent 10-24mm f4 zoom lens with OIS but I’m not totally sold on that lens yet.

I’ve seen a lot of people raving about the 16mm f1.4 and thought sod it! lets get hold of one and see what its like.

First impressions – very well made, has a good weight to it, the aperture ring is good and wont get knocked easily, its weather sealed, its a f1.4 and you can focus at a crazily short distance.

Above all else its sooooo sharp! Below left is the image from camera, image on the right is cropped in; the detail is as good as I have seen from Fuji.

 Awesome DOF and focus is so close

I haven’t used it at a wedding yet – I plan on doing so during August and will report back on how it performs when under pressure – I’m sure its going to awesome.