Fuji Instax SP-1 – Why?

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Why? Because it rocks!

I know a lot of people have no interest in something that prints credit card-sized pictures with not great printing resolution, not to mention its quite expenses per print and yet…

I use my for weddings A LOT! I like to at the end of wedding hand the (hopefully) happy couple two small prints – it’s amazing how such a little gesture can stick in peoples mind when recommending you to their friends and family for future photo gigs.

I’ve had this particular one for around a year, the first one sadly died on me when a bottle of water got spilt on it, and its been no trouble at all.

Fuji has recently announced a newer model, which of course I have on order and hopefully, it will improve the print quality and work with my DAMN XPRO2!

Will do an updated blog when Fuji finally sends me my Instax SP2.