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So the little Nissin, this is my second flash gun for my Fuji set-up, the first being the badly made Fuji EF-42 which was a rebranded Sunpack flash except it’s a lot more money.

The little Nissin is a small little thing, with a decent recycle time, takes 4 AA batteries, has full TTL Fuji support. Ive used this flash at a few weddings and it works very well on the smaller body cameras in the Fuji line-up.

As you can see on the left-hand side image, you have several settings for how you want the flash to behave – TTL, Manual, Auto etc.

The wheel dial is used to adjust your manual power output – all the way down to 1/256th power which is nice; you can also change the TTL flash exposure compensation on the right-hand side of the dial.

On the top of the flash is a small bounce card – useful for catchlights in eyes.

The build of the flash IMHO is much better than the Fuji EF-42.

I tend to use flash very sparingly at weddings, if I need to add more light I will always go for higher ISO, but for the disco and after show party of a wedding, the flash does make an appearance when dragging the shutter.

Until Fuji bring their EFX-500 to the market I believe this is the best TTL flash you can currently get for the Fuji system. It’s not by any means perfect, the flash is quite noisy, I always think I’m going to break the battery door and the dials for the wheel don’t light up, so if it’s dark and you have no light – you don’t know what power you are on!

But these are only minor complaints, it’s not going to produce the power of a Nikon SP800 or whatever they have now, but it does work very well and is the best choice right now for Fuji peeps.