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During the early part of June I was on a family holiday to Cornwall, was just me, the gaffer and my camera gear. I took with me the Fuji Xpro2 with a few lenses and the new Fuji X70.

 X70 with the wide angle converter  

My intention with the X70 was to have it with the WCL adaptor and have it as my carry around camera and the XPro2 for when I needed the extra power or zooms.

I’d purchased the converter only a few days before the trip and didn’t have a chance to play with it much before hand. So it was very much bolt it on and off we go.

The X70 doesn’t have an eye piece / viewfinder – just a tilt LCD screen on the back. I did find myself raising the camera and putting it to my eye a few times before muscle memory kicked in.

 Small buttons on the d-pad - bit close to the screen

I was dubious when I got it that the X70 was going to be too small for my hands, but it’s not too bad, yes some of the buttons on the right-hand side next to the screen are difficult to press, but I tended to set this as my shortcut to the film simulations and i didn’t really change it that much.

The screen can be used to set the focus point by pressing on the screen and moving the focus box around – this works really well and the screen is responsive.

The screen can also tilt upwards allowing you to capture some good Selfie pictures – which I did do quite a few times, I set the aperture to F8, 2-second delay and it automatically uses face recognition when the screen is flipped up

 selfie mode.... 

The film simulations are all here from the X-TRANS 2 sensor cameras, but I only used a few – Velvia and B&W + R. I did miss the ACROS from the Xpro2 but I set the B&W to how I like it so it’s not much of an issue.

The focus is quick and very much on a par with the XT1 with version 4 FW, the menu system is also the same, so if you are used to the recent X series of cameras then you are in familiar territory. The screen is good and the ability to pinch and switch between photos is great and look forward to this being brought to future Fuji cameras.

Overall I have very little to moan about, the only things I would have like done differently would be:

1 Ability to turn off the back screen for secret street shooting.

2 The camera automatically detecting when the wide converter is attached.

3 In built ND filter as you do hit the mechanical shutter max speed quite quick. Yes, you do have the electronic shutter, but not good for moving subjects.

Fuji really has a winner on their hands with this little beut, had it been release outside the shadow of the Xpro 2 it would have had more coverage and would have been on more peoples radar. Having sold the X100t early in the year, I’m really glad to have picked this up to fill the void.

 Pretty much all my color shots were taken using the Velvia film simulation