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I’ve been wanting to test out the low light performance of my new Xpro 2’s since I got them on the day of release but I haven’t really had a chance to see how the AF handles low light and how the ISO performance stacks up against my trusted XT-1’s.

However, I met up with an old friend who was playing a gig in a local music venue about 15 minutes away from where I live; I thought this would be a perfect chance to see what these little things can do.

The venue was very dark we had some horrid coloured spotlights flashing throughout the night. I made my decision early on to be shooting black and white – mainly the ACROS STD and the ACROS G film simulations. I always shoot RAW and JPG, which is even better on the XPRO 2 thanks to the dual card slots – one RAW, one JPG; use the JPG first and the RAW if needing more processing.

I shot a lot of the night using either the 56mm, 23mm or the 90mm. The 56mm and the 23mm are my go-to lenses for weddings, the 90m is something I have but really use – until now, I couldn’t believe how well this lens handled, how sharp it was and the way it rendered the image was superb.

The main reason for me taking these shots was to see how high I could push the ISO on the XPRO 2 and at what stage I see noise that isn’t to my liking.

Most of the night I was shooting a high-ish shutter speed to force the ISO – so many of my shots were at ISO 8,000 or 10,000.

On the back of the XPRO 2 you can’t really judge the noise especially in the lighting environment of a club. It wasn’t it until I was back at base and putting the images through LR did I get a really good look at the quality of the images at high ISO.

 90mm @ F2 1/250th ISO 8000

I was shooting alot of ACROS G and ACROS STD film simulations, and the above images are all ACROS STD with +2 on the shadows. I normally shot with +1 on the highlights, but the spotlight on Joe was blowing out the highlights a touch.

 90mm @ F2  1/200th ISO 8000

 56mm @ F2.8  1/200th ISO 8000

I’m really happy to say that the grain / noise on the XPRO 2 is lovely and I have no issue shooting up-to 10,000 ISO – 12,800 was a little bit too much for me, but 8,000 & 10,000 was my sweet spot.