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Nicole is a friend of my wife so there was added pressure in taking the official photos for her and Ian’s wedding.

This shot was taken just after the ceremony, the door at the back on the right was where the ceremony had been held.

You could see throughout the early part of the morning that Ian was not comfortable with the focus and attention was on him and Nicole, and this shot captures that sense of “We’ve Done – Quick Run!!!”

Once the couple had finished their vowels, I waited for them to walk down the aisle and capture some shots of them leaving, I then dashed outside to the corridor and expected to capture some relief shots, If I’m honest I wasn’t  expecting to capture this type of shot, but I had the correct settings and the flash was ready to go, in the end, I captured a few shots and this was my favourite composition.

Post-processing for this shot involved quite a bit of removal work as the hotel where the wedding was held had plenty of fire exit signs and on the left-hand side was a set of fire extinguishers.