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I wanted to try and do some long exposures using the Fuji EX2. I did some long exposures a few months prior within the city centre, but at night this is tricky with the crowds that are often walking between bars and clubs.

So off I went to an evening game at the city ground, I travelled light with just the XE2 (XT1 and XT10 stayed safe at home) and 3 lenses (14mm, 56mm and 50-140). I wanted the ability to capture a really wide shot of the ground and also capture a close up shot of the Pitch Bar entrance, but I didn’t know which primes lenses would work, so I took two primes and one zoom.

I knew roughly what I was going to be shooting from the opposite side to the ground on the other side of the Trent. I just needed to be patient with the light and any fans that were on my side of the Trent.

This first shot was more towards Trent bridge than the ground. I used the 14mm and set it to F9 to allow me to get a good 25- 30 second exposure time, but it was a little to far out and the water for me is too strong in the scene.

Next, I moved along a little further along.

This shot again was taken with the 14mm 2.8. Same settings as the first picture, but I moved closer to allow more of the stadium to come into the scene. I love the way light is captured when using long exposures and a larger aperture than I would normally use.

To the left is close up using the 50-140mm.

Similar settings were used to the previous examples, but as this was a zoom lens it allowed me to compose my shot a little more accurately as I had the ability to crop the picture.

I like this picture as you can see the logo in the top corner, you have some strong lights giving some attention to the waiting fans in the bottom corner.

I was impressed with the carbon fibre tripod I was using. It was very lightweight but was incredibly strong in holding the 50-140mm lens which although not that heavy still courses some “creep” on my older tripods.

If you are doing long exposures I sturdy tripod is a must.




The final shot was taken a little further round towards ladybay bridge.

This shot allows me even more space for the stadium, and the 30-second exposure allows the water to give a mirror like finish. This picture when put at full screen is my favourite one from the night.

Overall it was a good night, it was nice and mild with no wind. I was out for around 2 hours and captured plenty of shots a few of which have been purchased by a few Forest fans I know.