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So what do I use and why? Well, I have two distinct set-ups I have my professional set-up and my personal set-up. However, in recent weeks they have merged into a hybrid set-up – which I will blog about later.

I’m going to start with my pro-set-up. I started my photographic life very late, I have never taken photos and processed them in a dark room. I started photography in the digital age and that’s where I have learned my style of working.

My professional set-up which I take with me for paying clients is made up of a couple of Canon bodies, the main being a Canon 5D MK3 and a secondary Canon 60d. When I purchased the 60d as my first camera, I ached for the Canon 5D MK3 and was fortunate to purchase new around a year ago.

Since then my kit has grown to include the fantastic 70-200mm 2.8  – this is truly a no brainer lens, all Canon users should own this in their lifetime. I have added a 24- 70mm 2.8; which is my workhorse at weddings, such a versatile lens and very sharp. Then we have a 105mm 2.8 macro lens, great for close up wedding ring shots. The 17 – 40mm F4 allows me, with the full frame to get a great wide shot. Lastly my trusted nifty fifty.

I have tried many off-camera flash set-ups and each has unique quirks that often have workarounds. I have recently settled on the Pocket Wizard TT5’s and TT1 mini. I find with the flash guns I have to be the most reliable way of off-camera flash.

The yougnuo led light is something fairly new to my set-up and had its first outing at a recent second shoot wedding. I used it to give me great light on the wedding rings when using the macro lens – I will do a blog post in a few weeks showing the technique.