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Recently I decided that I need something small and compact to take with me wherever I go, the 5D MK3 with a couple of lenses is too much to take on a city wonder or a weekend break.

I started to research Mirrorless cameras, I had a few to choose from. But the Fujifilm XT10 felt right with its dials for all important controls and having the aperture ring on the lens – WOW loved it.  But after a few weeks, I struggled with how small it was. So off I went back to my local camera store and traded it in for the bigger brother – the Fuji XT1. This was more like it. Fitted great in the hand and had more dials to play with making shooting with this camera great fun.

With being a crop sensor camera, I had to reset my mind when picking the focal lengths I wanted to be covered. I knew the Fuji primes to be good, but my word they are so sharp and a match for my 5D MK3 (IMHO).

So since my “looking” I have got myself a great little set-up.

As I write, I have a 35mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2, 14mm 2.8 and finally my most recent purchase the all-weather sealed 50-140mm 2.8.

I don’t carry all this when I’m out and about – the whole idea of me having a mirrorless system was portability, so the 50-140mm is something that if I know I will need, it will be with me, if not my three primes cover what I mostly need.

I will be blogging more in the weeks about my mirrorless journey and how this set-up has changed the way I work.