An Evening With The Fuji 35mm F2

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A friend wanted to learn how to move on from “P” mode on her camera and wondered if I fancied a walk and shoot around the Xmas market that is currently ongoing in the Market Square in Nottingham. Perfect I thought, mulled wine and a chance to try out my new Fuji 35mm F2 lens.

I recently took a trip to Bradgate park to test out the 1.4 teleconverter and the Fuji 35mm F2 and was massively impressed with both. But how would the 35mm F2 work when the light goes down and the ISO goes up?

Well…. brilliantly to be honest.

I’m fortunate to own the 35mm 1.4, this was my first Fuji prime lens and its super sharp, brilliant contrast and nice and light. BUT; its very loud and its not that quick to grab focus, even in just dull light.

We started off the evening with me getting to grips with what my friend already knew about her camera and then after a quick chat about settings and why; we were on the move and snapping away.

I took the Fuji XT10 to use along with the 35mm lens and it was a joy and a perfect match, the lightness and the size of this combo were great for quick candid shots when people were smiling and having a good time. The autofocus on the Fuji 35mm F2 is right up there with their best, its silent and just grabs focus. Most of the time I was shooting around 60th / 100th of a second shutter speed, ISO between 3200 and 6400 and aperture wide open and F2. This lens did not let me down once all night- I shot around 110 photos, none of which were missed focus shots because of the lens, more to do with the numpty pressing the shutter button.

I’m certainly impressed with the lens, the main question for people will be if they can live with F2 and not F1.4 on the old lens, for some, the stop of light difference is too much for them. For me, the silent focus and the quickness of the lens mean I’m happy to swap.