About ME

Andy Saywell is a Nottingham wedding photographer specialising in candid, natural, relaxed documentary wedding photography
Hello! I’m Andy, a wedding photographer based in a little village called Newton in Nottingham.

I pride myself on not being a ‘traditional wedding photographer’, you won’t catch me climbing up a ladder bossing your guests around, I won’t make everybody stand in a ‘love heart’ shape group photo and I won’t make you do piggybacks.

I work in such an unobtrusive way that you’ll hardly know that I’m there – simple and relaxed wedding photography.

I’m not a fan of traditional, awkward or stiffly-posed wedding photography if that’s your bag – that’s cool, but I’m not the photographer for you. But, if you want a set of images from your wedding day which captures the emotion, the feelings and the true story of your wedding day – I’m the guy for you!

I’m not one for writing about my personal life I think my Instagram page can give you a great insight about me as a person and what I’m up to – mainly telling the cats to get off the sofa or me running through the countryside.

If you have liked what you have seen on my website, and after having looked at my Instagram page you think ‘he’s ok, doesn’t seem a dick’ then please get in touch to arrange a chat about your wedding plans and how I might fit for you as a wedding photographer.


Image credit Mr Ed Godden